Vacuum Atmospheres Omni-lab Glove Box

The Vacuum Atmospheres Omni-lab glove box provides an inert argon atmosphere with "<"1 ppm oxygen and water. The box is custom fitted with electrical connections for use with either the potentiostat or the battery tester.

Maccor Battery Tester

The Maccor 4000 series battery tester is used for charge/discharge testing. It is capable of testing 32 batteries simultaneously as well as sensing 16 auxiliary potentials and measuring 32 temperatures. It has the option of accepting additional battery test channels for a total possible 96 channels.

Autolab Potentiostat

The autolab pgstat302N potentiostat is most commonly used for voltammetry, where a potential is applied to a system and the resulting current is measured, however it is capable of performing a wide array of electrochemical measurements; e.g. impedance spectroscopy.

El-Cell ECC-Air Electrochemical Test Cell

This is the El-Cell ECC-Air electrochemical test cell. It is used for testing lithium-oxygen batteries.

Mettler Toledo Seven-Multi

The Mettler Toledo Seven-Multi can be used to measure either the conductivity or the pH of a solution.

Lab Scale Redox Flow Battery Static Test Cells

These are our custom made lab scale redox flow battery static test cells. Pictured are three non-aqueous all-vanadium redox flow batteries being charged and discharged using the Maccor battery tester.

Upcoming Talks

Recent News

April, 2017

Saber gave a talk at the ACS Conference in San Francisco, California.

April, 2017

James gave a talk at the ACS Conference in San Francisco, California.

May, 2017

Saber gave a talk at the ECS Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

May, 2017

James gave a talk at the ECS Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

October, 2016

Priyam gave a talk, "Models to Couple Mechanics and Electrochemical Transport in Solid Electrolytes," at the 230th ECS Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii.

October, 2016

Howie gave a talk, "Electrochemical-Thermal Characterization and Modeling of Large Format Prismatic Lithium Ion Batteries," at the 230th ECS Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii.

August, 2016

Priyam gave a talk, "Coupling of Material, Charge, and Momentum Transport in Liquid and Solid Electrolytes," at the 67th International Society of Electrochemistry in The Hague, Netherlands.

June, 2016

James gave a talk, "Towards Symmetric All-Organic Redox Flow Batteries," at the IFBF 2016 Conference in Karlsruhe, Germany.

June, 2016

Prof. Monroe gave a talk, "Coupling of Mechanical and Transport Phenomena in Ionomers," at the 229th ECS Meeting in San Diego, California.


Recent Publications

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